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Wooden Signs, Rustic Furniture, Wood Carving, and Woodworking... that is our specialty!  If you are in the market for a high quality wooden sign or custom piece of furniture, then you have come to the right place!  What makes Lazy River Studio different from other woodworking studios?  It's a simple motto... "high quality and distinction."  Everything we do and everything we build here is based on this simple motto, and it can be seen in all of our finished products.

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Custom Wood Signs and Rustic Furniture, handmade and high quality!

Thank you for visiting the Lazy River Studio website! My name is Scott Zuziak.  I am the owner / operator of Lazy River Studio. Here is a little bit about my company:

Fish Talez - A 4' diameter bonefish sign for a fisherman's home in Florida.  By Lazy River Studio

Fish Talez - A 4' diameter bonefish sign for a fisherman's home in Florida.  By Lazy River Studio

Lazy River Studio is 110% about quality and distinction!  My focus is producing fewer products that are truly distinct and high quality.  My carved signs are ideal for businesses seeking a dynamic custom sign to draw attention. My residential signs are a perfect touch for the homeowner that takes a lot of pride in his or her home, lake side cottage, or cabin in the woods.  My furniture pieces are heirloom quality items that ultimately can be handed down several generations. If you are seeking high quality and distinction in your home or place of business, then please consider Lazy River Studio for your next project.

Handmade in the USA!  It is all about the handmade factor here at Lazy River Studio. Unique to my shop, each wood sign or furniture project spends the majority of its shop life on one of several carving benches. It is here where all the fine detail comes to life. "Handmade" is a term that is loosely used today, but the term is very much alive and well within my studio walls. There is a certain warmth that is achieved in a well executed handmade piece. It is my goal to bring this warmth, quality and distinction to your next project.

Hand carved Signs for Leinenkugle's Beer in Wisconsin - By Lazy River Studio

Hand carved Signs for Leinenkugle's Beer in Wisconsin - By Lazy River Studio

My wood working ranges from custom wooden signs to specialized woodworking projects to rustic furniture.  I will build just about anything if it is made from wood.  Some of the products I make:
*** My specialty is custom carved wooden signs, made from pine and cedar.  Home signs, cabin signs, cottage signs, business signs, company signs, bar signs, restaurant signs, farm signs, personalized signs, and basically any type of sign that is made from wood.  Also see my signs at 
***Handmade wooden benches, custom made, and perfect for quaint settings  
*** Handmade wooden jewelry boxes that have the extra detail only an experienced wood carver could add
*** Handmade wooden headboards & footboards, king size beds, queen size beds... sure to make any room more cozy
*** Handmade wooden coffee tables perfect for a rustic setting
*** Handmade wooden picture frames perfect for a valued piece of art, wedding photo, etc. 

A Custom Wood Sign for the Keller Familiy in Pennsylvania.  This sign measures approx 36" wide.  By Lazy River Studio

A Custom Wood Sign for the Keller Familiy in Pennsylvania.  This sign measures approx 36" wide.  By Lazy River Studio

My process for making custom wooden signs:
I have spent years developing a very distinct wood sign product.  If you compare my wood signs to others, the difference is plain to see.  I begin by hand picking and purchasing pine or cedar free of defects.  The lumber is then delivered to my shop and prepared by planing both sides of each plank and ripping on a table to ensure smooth and square building blocks.  I then laminate all the pieces. The glue bond is permanent.  Laminating allows for those highly desired, beefy slabs of wood.  The main shapes of the sign are routed in an automated process.  When the main shape is carved, I begin hand carving the scenery.  This is the most rewarding part of making a wooden sign.  After the scenery and sculptures are carved and sanded, I begin the text.  An outline of the text is machined, and the letters and the surrounding surfaces are hand finished using gouges and chisels.  The text turns out perfect each and every time. And I can also carve just about any font.  Finally, I complete the custom wooden sign by finishing with multi tone stains and/or with acrylic.  Airbrushing techniques are utilized for a special shading effect.  The end product; a custom wood sign that is of the highest quality and completely unique... and one that you will be proud to hang on or within your business or home.

A scaled model of the Chicago Field Museum made from solid maple measuring approx 36" x 24".  This display was made for the retiring Vice President of the museum's board of directors.

I am located in Illinois, in the Northern suburbs of Chicago, specifically in Gurnee, IL / Lindenhurst, IL.  I are one of the only Chicago wood carvers today and possibly the only Chicago wood carver providing carving services full time.

Though I am located in the Midwest / Chicago area, the majority of my work is done for customers and companies throughout all 50 of the United States.  I crate all custom signs and furniture items and ship throughout the country.

Thanks again for your time, and please email or call with any questions.  I am happy to personally spend time with and serve each and every customer!  Scott Zuziak

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